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For anyone who does not yet know, I am shaving off all my hair in two weeks in solidarity with children battling cancer and raising money to find a cure. I have a fundraising goal of $500, but so far I've only reached $105, so I have a long ways to go. I know money is tight for most people right now, but if you can find it in your heart to donate, as little as $5 will make a difference. Please, please help me out. I've never done anything this big before and I want to make as big of an impact as possible.
Tattooed Fairy

New York, New York

Some things:

-I live next to the UN. This is the closest I can get to international territory. Being next to the UN means I'm surrounded by consulates...and also many tourists.

-I love living in Midtown. It means I'm close to all the biggest sites. Did I mention I live next to the UN? The Chrysler Building is only a few blocks away. I take the subway from Grand Central almost everyday. It's a bit of a walk, but I'm close to 5th Avenue. I've been up and down that street so many times already, I can probably list all the designers. Go a little further down 5th Ave and you'll hit the Empire State Building. For some reason it's not as impressive as I remember. But I still love it. Turn west on 34th street then right on 8th Avenue. Then you'll hit the garment district. That's where I intern (between 36th and 37th). The company is on the 19th floor, so we have a nice view. Continue up 8th Avenue and you'll soon find a gazillion different broadway shows on your right. And of course if you turn in that direction, you'll find yourself smack in the middle of Times Square only one block later. Yeah, don't I work at an awesome location? I think so.

-Times Square has so many advertisements that if you stand there too long, you'll probably have a seizure. And if that doesn't happen, then you'll just get mowed down by tourists.

-It takes about an hour to walk from 5th Ave and 49th to the World Trade Center, more or less. And you hit so many different neighbourhoods along the way.

-Ground Zero is the biggest construction site I've ever seen. When walking down there, I ran into the Berlin Wall and wondered, "what is this?" And then it dawned on me. The way I was looking at the map, I didn't expect to walk right into it!

-Wall Street is probably not worth visiting. It has some major buildings, most notably that is where the New York Stock Exchange is located, but when you can't even go inside, what's the point?

-Most of Manhattan is a grid and easy to navigate. But once you pass 1st Street, the roads suddenly go in every direction. It makes me confuzzled.

-Street entertainers rock.

-New York City is probably the only place where you can walk down the street and quickly lose track of the number of different languages you hear. The diversity is exciting.

-I love gyros. And so does New York. That makes me happy. But no one knows how to pronounce them correctly around here, not even the Greeks.

-Also, don't buy gyros in Times Square. In fact, just don't buy anything in Times Square. It's all so overpriced. Walgreens is good, but that's probably about it.

-It's near impossible to stop or simply hesitate to check that you're going the right direction on a busy New York sidewalk. People WILL mow you down.

-Cars also like to mow you down. It doesn't matter if the walk sign is lit, they're still more important than pedestrians. And New Yorkers overuse their horns (but I think everyone knows that).

-New York has a lot of people, but when you don't really know anyone, it can be rather lonely. I really need to find some people.

-My internship rocks. The company is Engel Entertainment and they make documentaries of all types. Intern work is never the best work, but I'm loving it. I've run errands to the main post office and 30 Rock. I get to do research for ideas or potential hosts for possible shows in development. I transcribe audio tapes (which isn't easy) or edit already transcribed material. Who knows what I'll get to do next.

The company is currently working on marketing the upcoming release of their first feature film, A Walk to Beautiful. It's a story about women in Ethiopia suffering from the unknown epidemic of obestric fistula. I've seen it twice and it's very good. Last week, I got to hear a personal account of the shoot and also watch some footage for the dvd release. If anyone has Netflix, there's an abridged version made for tv on instant play. I recommend watching. Engel also does a lot of documentaries that get aired on networks like the History Channel, Discovery, Lifetime, etc. Most recently was A Change of Face on MSNBC. I'll have to keep you updated when something else airs.

-I'm getting closer to finding a job. I had an interview for a position at the Barnes and Noble cafe, and was also invited to orientation Tuesday for this concessions job in Central Park. So I should at least be able to take the latter job, so long as they don't reject me for not having a social security card (isn't a passport good enough?). Though I'd prefer the other one since the one in Central Park is only minimum wage. Could've had an offer at the American Girl Place, but I think I lost that chance when I was forced to tell them I wouldn't be able to stay until September 6 when they called me. I'm making progress at least, though I've noticed I've gotten nowhere with the place I applied for online (stupid online applications).

-I have so much time on my hands, I'm probably losing my mind. The combination of boredom and being alone has made me come up with some crazy bold things I want to do. Tempting as it is, it's nothing I'm able to do currently...though that's probably a good thing since impulsive decisions are not always smart ones anyway. Heh, I'll go more into that later. Yeah, I probably need more social contact;  I would sign in msn, but my internet is still spotty so I worry I might keep losing people I'm chatting with.

Hmm...that's about all for now. I probably should stop sitting on my butt and do something tomorrow. If only it didn't seem that everything costs money. I still do need to visit Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and the East Village. I haven't been to the upper sides of Manhattan either. I definitely need to go to the Met sometime soon (though maybe not this weekend since it's a holiday). I would love to do a few tourist things like revisit Ellis Island (haven't been there in years), but that must wait until I earn some money. And again, I must find people. But where to meet them?

Well, I need to write something...

Since I last posted (an update to my rant post from last month):

1. I am not sick and I don't plan to be anytime soon. Of course there is the allergies that comes and goes, which really sucks, especially the burning eyes. But I've got medication and hopefully it won't be such a problem soon. It's typically the pollen that bothers me (as I experienced in Boston), but now living in a bigger city, I'm sure the combination of dust, pollution, and cigarette smoke doesn't help.

2. Stupid studio recording class. I got my studio design project back with very little negative feedback, yet I still get a C+. Yeesh. I did figure out a solution to my other project as my teacher was nice enough to let me group up with a pair of girls who hadn't yet recorded. It turned out to be so much better since they were a) more responsible and b) I enjoyed the music we recorded so much better (it was a group of Berklee students). My other partner messaged me about how he planned to finally record two days before the project was due; apparently he didn't realise I had finally given up on him when he didn't respond to my messages, hah. I don't think he actually finished his project on time, so I'm really glad I didn't wait around. Anyway, grades should be up for last semester but I'm way too nervous to look thanks to this class. I fear whatever grade I got for it will be the ruin of me. I doubt the ugly D stuck around (or I certainly hope not because then I just might die of horror), but a C seems pretty likely which to me is an awful grade...especially when I've really been wanting to bump my GPA up. It'd be so cool to graduate with honours, but that does not seem very plausible.

3. I still hate the Emerson Dance Company. Yet come this September, I'll no doubt probably be auditioning yet again (and then ranting about how I didn't get a spot).

4. My summer housing problem has obviously been resolved. I went through something like a million different options; I really did want a dorm-like situation so I could make friends, but that didn't work out. I'm subletting a one bedroom in Midtown East (which is almost literally next to the UN) and it is pretty nice to have that sort of independence. Of course, it always comes with problems. Like for example, I got locked out of my apartment twice because the door was stuck and I had to have the doorman show me that you actually have to pull before pushing the door open (I felt like a bloody idiot, but apparently this happens to a lot of people). But what was even worse was getting locked in the apartment which caused me to be 45 minutes late to my first day at the internship. How does one get locked inside an apartment? Well, at least this time I wasn't being just an idiot who didn't know how to unlock a door. I was later taught that while you must shut the door closed hard, you can't slam it or it will jam. Whoops. After tears, phonecalls, and bruised hands, I finally did get that door open (and my reason for being late was well-excused) I am very careful each time I close that door. Other problems... Well, the phone service isn't very great sometimes, but what's most annoying is that I have to mooch off someone else's wireless internet, which can be very spotty (like it is right now). The woman I'm renting from told me she'd sign up for an internet provider if I had problems, so I told it's just a matter of waiting for her to do something. I am also slightly concerned about bugs. I keep the area pretty clean, but if I happen to miss a spot when wiping the counter, I'll find half a dozen tiny little bugs crawling around. It's nothing too bad and it doesn't seem to be a problem so long as I keep things very clean...I'm just a bit worried I'll one day discover these bugs burrowing inside my food containers. Oh, and I've been avoiding doing laundry since it costs a small fortune, though I really can't put it off anymore. But I think the biggest issue is being lonely. Living in an apartment makes it harder to meet people. The only people I know in New York are my mom's age and while it's great to have somebody I know, I do want to hang out with peers close to my age. I don't know how I go about making new friends; there's a lot of nice young people at my internship, but I'm only there twice a week so it may be a month or so before I get to know anyone well enough. If I find a job, hopefully I'll make friends there, but maybe not. I really need to find some friends by next month; it'd be kind of pathetic if I spent my 21st alone in the apartment. I wanna go bar hopping/clubbing all night and drink cocktails like I did in Europe! (Okay, maybe I wouldn't be out all night and I certainly wouldn't get drunk since I have the internship the following day, but...)

I request that all BDers come and visit me while I'm in New York. I mean, c'mon, it's NYC. Just try to find a reason why you shouldn't come. :P

5. I still haven't figured out my living situation for next year. I'm getting closer, but not quite there. I recently got an email from housing and I've bumped up two spots in the last two months (from 9 to 7). I thought having such a low number would almost guarantee me housing (I mean I had a higher number last year, and though we had the hotels for housing, the new residence hall opening should be compensating for that)...but at this point I'm not sure how likely it is. Still possible, so I'm not gonna give up quite yet (I'd rather have the option to turn it down if I decide to live off-campus than permanently remove myself from any possibility of school housing). I realised I may not find out until August which really sucks; I don't know how they could expect a student to find an apartment and sign a lease in such a short time should they be denied housing, which is probably why most students do eventually asked to be removed. But I think I can wait it out a while longer.

6. Money. That's still my primary problem. I have a rather large bill coming up which is irritating since I'll need help from parents to pay for it. NYC is an expensive place to live (groceries do cost a fortune), though I realised the prices really aren't that different from what I paid while in I figure I might as well just buy good organic, European-like food (well some at least), since it actually is hardly more expensive. I'm still job hunting and it's frustrating. I've applied to about 25 places so far, so I've got a long ways to go. I have to eventually find something, but I'm worried I won't. It's hard since everyone wants people with experience specifically to their business, which I don't have since the places I've worked are a bit different. It still puzzles me how people who can't speak English (not that I have anything against immigrants, but I should be able to order a gyro with feta and not receive a gyro and a philly cheesesteak) and people who aren't good or don't like their job get hired over me. It's all about experience. People would rather hire someone that has experience so they don't have to train them, regardless of their attitude over someone who doesn't have experience but is very willing to learn and do well. Grr. Fuck you, economy.

7. No more school (for now at least). Yay! The best part about summer is that you don't have any obligations when you're at home. I mean, with school you've got the courses, then the loads of homework you must do in your spare time. With jobs, you just do your work and when you're done with the shift, you can do whatever. Though I could consider job applications my current homework. It does get pretty exhausting filling out the same info dozens of times over.

8. Bruise. Well, that's all good and fixed. The bruise did look pretty nasty for awhile and I did consider going to the wellness center, but I'm glad I didn't since it started clearing up real fast by the next week. I had a nice big hematoma, but that went away too. Bruise is now basically gone, except for a slight tint. Now the only injuries I need to concern myself with is trying to avoid smacking my leg against the corner of my bed (which I did about three times my first night) and those icky blisters that I can't seem to avoid from walking. Hopefully I won't get any nasty ones on the bottom of my feet like I did in Europe, but I have done quite a bit of walking depending on the day (I did a five mile walk from Rockerfeller Plaza to Wall Street on Friday...go me).

I take too long to write these entries. Bad, bad. I do have plenty of commentary about NYC and also my internship (which is awesome, btw), but it's already after 3am, so it'll have to wait. Hopefully it won't take another month to write my next entry (I say that everytime, but it always does).

Dark Elf

An Overdue Post

Today it was a snow day. Two days ago it was almost 60F and now it's only 17. Usually snow days are all fun and games, but the weather really should've waited until tomorrow to convenience me. My only Monday class is modern dance which I really don't mind going to, though it was nice not having to trudge a mile in the snow. But today I had scheduled a recording session for class with a partner and his band, and I go there to discover that all the labs and studios are also closed. This may have been our only chance to record before the due date. Grr. Also, I meant to do laundry but with all the snow, I don't know easy it would be to lug the suitcase around. Though I can't put it off past tomorrow since I must do laundry before spring break. Now if the snow day had been tomorrow, then I wouldn't have to go to three classes that make up a hectic schedule and do a take-home midterm that will be handed out tomorrow. That would've been so much better. But Emerson has already decided to resume classes tomorrow and since no new snow is coming, I can't see them cancelling no matter how icy the roads are.

I've exhausted myself with both school and other stuff like WW, and I think I'm ready for the break. Luckily my semester hasn't been very stressful so far, though the work load should increase in mid-March. But I don't think it'll be as bad as last semester. Spring break is next week. Yeah, since we get out of school fairly early, our break is early too. I'm not entirely fond of an early break, since it's technically not a "spring" break, but meh. Next week should be rather interesting though...I'm looking forward to it. While I'm sad I cannot afford a return trip to Europe right now, I can still continue my quest of meeting BDers and that makes me happy. :)

Still don't know what I'm doing this summer. I'm looking for internships to apply to, so hopefully I'll find one. I'd prefer having an internship in Boston since it'd be much easier. But if I can't get one here or find something better, I'll go elsewhere. My second choice would be NYC as I'd love to live there for awhile. In fact, perhaps it'll be a location where I'll look to find a job after college. NYC is so much better than LA. Oh yeah, and I still need a job. It doesn't look like I'll get one this spring. Everyone wants someone with experience and time, neither of which I have a lot of. But if I get an internship, it'll be most likely unpaid, so I will need a summer job. Sadly a short vacation to Europe in the summer is looking less and less likely as I'm not making any money and if I do have an internship, the timing might not work out. I refuse to cancel out the possibility just yet, but it might be better to do something like that the summer after I graduate before I settle down with a career. Hmm...we'll see. I just hate not knowing what I'll be doing in two months..
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Movie Chatter

Everyone know I'm a film buff. I love to talk movies. I used to be so updated with the current films...I would purposely see all the films up for nominations during Oscar season, and in the summer I got free movies by working in a theatre. Then I became broke and movie ticket prices soared. I still watch movies, but I have resorted to Netflix which is much cheaper and I watch dozens of movies per month (not always great ones). I don't know why I haven't seen any movie since I got home...we do have discount theatres. I probably will see a couple, whether with friends or my parents sometime in the next week (I can't believe I leave in a week; lazy days are almost gone). Namely Milk and Benjamin Button, both of which I'd like to see. It's a shame I didn't see them earlier since Golden Globes are upon us and I'm not familiar with any of the films...should I even bother to watch? Most films I can wait until dvd since I'd rather not spend a small fortune on a ticket...but there are some I just will not wait for. Oh by the way, the new Underworld film is coming out soon...not sure exactly when, though. Underworld is how I like my vampires and werewolves portrayed.

Anyways, I stumbled across some movie lists and wanted to place my input on them. So here we go:

Collapse )

Collapse )

That took me forever. I'm such a film buff! :P

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Movie Talk

When the first Harry Potter and LotR films came out, fantasy films became this big sensation...especially with the new developments in technology. They seemed to be almost instant hits. Even when the first Narnia film out it was a big deal. But now companies are popping out fantasy films left and right, and many are flopping. Of course, LotR, Harry Potter, and Narnia are much more popular books...but I can't help but wonder if the amount of fantasy films (most which lack quality) coming out downgrades the ones that should be bigger and better yet no longer seem to receive much recognition. Namely Narnia, as well as His Dark Materials. Of course, it could just be the poor economy too...

I got the Golden Compass dvd for Christmas, which reminded me how sad I am that they aren't planning to make the Subtle Knife (my favourite of the trilogy). Well, the idea for a sequel isn't completely dead yet, but it certainly isn't looking hopeful. So I wouldn't bet on a sequel anytime soon. And all because it flopped in the US (but did well elsewhere)! I really wanted to see Will brought to life on screen. He's my favourite character. Plus they never showed the real ending of the first film...

Even futher sad news, production for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is currently on hiatus. They were originally scheduled to start shooting last January, but kept getting delayed for various reasons. And now Disney has bailed out on the film. Probably because Prince Caspian didn't do as well as expected last May. Well, that's because they stuck it in between two huge blockbusters (Iron Man and Indiana Jones) and did a horrible job of promoting the film. It's all about marketing, I tell you. So the next Narnia film may fall through unless Walden Media can find another company to co-finance it. I hear they're looking to Fox, or maybe Warner Bros. Hopefully someone will pick it up soon, as those kids are growing up fast. I'm hopeful this one will still get made, but it makes the outlook even more bleak for later Narnia films. I want to seem them all made...I especially worry The Horse and His Boy may be ignored since it's a lot different from the others. But it's my favourite.

It's makes me wonder what the future holds for The Hobbit. Oh, I'm sure it'll get made...but it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't get released until much later than we expect. And the whole two film thing...will they actually do it? And will it actually take off with audiences?

And don't get me started with Twilight. Okay, I haven't read the book or seen the movie, though I've been tempted to. I'm just so repulsed by all the fangirlisms over the characters, which is making me not want to have any part in it. And I feel like it's cheapening my versions of vampires. What's this I hear about Edward sparkling because he's a vampire or something. My versions of vampires are completely goth and covered in blood, not glitter. Of course now that I've said this, I'll probably read the book or watch the movie and completely fall in love with it... :rolleyes:
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Ugh, it's been so long since I've updated. And I don't even have a great reason...other than being busy with school. So of course I have a lot to say.

Starting with...

My semester was filled with projects, mainly film 2, which is said to be one of the most stressful classes in the college. I basically made two short films in several weeks time...but it's much more difficult with a group since I had little say with many things. My audio projects were much more enjoyable where I got to spend hours in an audiosuite alone without being directed by peers. And of course the end of semester got insane as usual with papers and projects finally due. In the end, I got a 3.5 GPA for the semester...the highest I've had so far, which should make up for that C I so did not deserve in Media Criticism and Theory last semester.

Since I lacked time and money, my social life sorta went to a halt last semester. At the end, I gave up and went to shows like Spamalot, Nutcracker, and Chicago (I also went to Cirque du Soleil, but I used it for class so my parents would pay for it)...but I went alone so that I could get good seats with student rush. And I got REALLY good seats (second row in Chicago).

In late October, I lost a roommate and had the entire hotel room to myself for the rest of the semester. It's kinda a weird story really. Before I even met that roommate I knew we would have little in common looking at her Facebook...she's the type with the illegal immigrant older boyfriend and likes to party with alcohol and drugs. And I'm not...well, I have partied with alcohol before, but only legally and in bars...and I could never do it very often. Funny, before we met she told me she wouldn't be the annoying girl who always talked about her boyfriend, yet she was. Even though we had nothing in common, I hoped to at least get along. And at the beginning we sometimes did...we would chat and get into long political discussions. But there were a lot of problems. She had these huge outburst and would explode if I did something wrong. She accused me of being selfish because I happened to have a slightly more spacious side of the room (emphasize the slightly), and I tried to do what I could to keep the space equally balanced, but in a hotel only certain furniture could be moved. Ultimately she wanted our beds to be further apart and me to move mine against the window, which I wouldn't do because the window was very drafty and cold. If I was using too many lights at night, she wouldn't ask me to dim it down, she'd yell at me. On the last night we were together, she complained I was typing too loud while working on my homework (and wwing). The problem about living in a hotel is that there is one room and not really anywhere else to go. We have a common room, but it's basically a hole in the wall and not comfortable to work in. The strange thing is that this girl was originally assigned to live in a residence hall suite, and requested to move to the Double Tree. It really doesn't make sense to move from a suite with multiple rooms to a single room in a hotel if you can't tolerate the slightest light or noise. For the longest time, I thought it was me being the selfish bitchy one (and sometimes it probably was) and I felt guilty and tried to compromise...but I didn't want to completely give into everything she wanted. In the end, I realised a lot of it was her. She had a lot of mental problems and admitted it (and I also happen to be anxious and sensitive which doesn't match well with someone screaming at only causes me to sink into a depression). We tried a conference with the RA which ended with her crying and screaming swear words at me because I was insistent on a compromise on a certain issue and wouldn't completely fold her way. And the next day she stormed into the room upset (for a reason that had nothing to do with me) and slammed the bathroom door, which resulted in breaking a full size mirror...which really set her off. I was worried, but tried to give her space. But I was expecting guests to arrive in the room within the hour, so I had to warn her and tried to politely ask her to clean up the broken glass. Which resulted in her flipping out...she screamed, threatened me, and attempted to break more furniture. I was so freaked out I went to get the RA and he had to get the RD. After that, they put her in another room and a week later she moved her stuff out (I made sure I was away when she did). I never talked to her again, and quite frankly I'm afraid to. Yeesh, what a nightmare. Having the room to myself for almost two months was quite awesome...I was the only one there so I didn't have to worry about being considerate. And it's nice to have my own private space. Of course, that won't last. I have a new roommate starting January and we've already met. We seem to a fair amount in common...we're at least the same major. I'm actually looking forward to getting to know her; we talked for awhile and seem to get along. We made sure to discuss any future issues that may come up, so hopefully if they occur they'll be resolved quickly. I'm just worried that after having that room so long to myself, I may end up being selfish....then again, after last experience I'm so scared about anything going wrong, I may end up being overlyconsiderate. I just hope it goes well...

Speaking of next semester, I'm in five classes. Two dance classes...jazz and modern (finally!), contemporary ethics (a required course), studio recording (the alternate to my first choice Sound Design), and editing (which I barely got into). Although I'm still unable to switch to a post-production major, my VMA courses are post-production focused. Hopefully  this courseload won't be too stressful and I must work a job somewhere in between (I better find one!).

Even though I been home for sometime, I've still kept fairly busy. It took a looong time to finish those holiday cards; I put a lot artistic effort into them and I'm the slow artist. I also had to do holiday shopping and gift-wrapping in between spending time with my sister and her husband who came to visit. And now I need to finish up my application for a summer internship which is due on the 31st (it's online). All I must do is write a short essay, but it really sucks to write essays on break and I would've done it today except I've had this constant stomachache. It'll get done, hopefully tomorrow. And then I have a gazillion appointments for various things. I've already had two so far.

Speaking of appointments, I need to schedule one for my hair and I've been thinking about what to do with it. My hair's been bothering the crap out of me lately. I've been curling it a lot lately because when I straighten it, it becomes flat and staticky. And then I see pictures of the back of my embarrassing. My hair is fine and I hate how it looks, so maybe I should try cutting it short. I've thought about it many times but have been too nervous to go through with it. For years I tried to grow it out and it's gotten nowhere. And after researching, it seems universally agreed that short is the best look for fine hair. So I've been thinking about maybe an angled bob (which is fairly popular now and apparently great for fine hair). But I don't know yet. I worry about how short hair would look not just on my face, but my entire body. All the examples of short hair on people are skinny models...I'm not skinny and I'm short. But does hair length even make a difference on weight and height? Well, I still have time to decide...

And if you thought I was done rambling, I'm not!

Lately I've been thinking about the's strange to think I'm over halfway done with college. I don't know where I'll be or what I'll do next summer. I want an internship, if I can get one. A paid one would be nice and if it's unpaid, I must get another job. I could end up in Boston, NYC, anywhere I can get an internship really. It's weird to think that I might not come home for the summer. Especially since much of my stuff is at home...and I usually come back to it every few months. I'd love to return to Europe in the summer, but I don't know about depends on money and work. I don't even know where to go for spring break and that's two and a half months away! It'd be fun to go somewhere like Montreal or Mexico, but that requires money and someone to go with. There's a family friend in NYC who might be willing to welcome me, but I'd probably spend much of my time alone. I could go to Orlando where my grandmother lives, but since her stroke my grandmother isn't exactly active, so I'd probably need a friend to come with me to do something fun like Disney World. Or I could visit my sister in Raleigh, but she and her husband have to work and there's not much to do in Raleigh. I could go home, but there's not much to do there either (friends would be in school) and with the price of plane tickets, I might as well fly to Europe! Actually, that does sound like fun...if I could find money. I'd have to get a job as soon as I return to Boston and work as much as possible. I wonder if my mom would pay for part of the ticket since she'd pay for the costs if I went somewhere else in the US... Meh, it probably wouldn't work anyway since school is in session for everyone so I don't know if anyone could take me in...and I definitely can't afford to stay in a hostel somewhere for a week.

Ooh, and one more thing...

Snow! We've been getting a lot of it. It usually doesn't snow a lot in Boise due to our desert climate, but there were several inches when arrived and then it snowed more. Yesterday it snowed four inches and so we had about a foot. Unfortunately, it mostly melted away today with an increase in temperature. I wish snow could last all winter. We went snowshoeing in the mountains the other day, which was absolutely beautiful.

Another long post from me. I have more to say, but I'll write it separately..

Across the Universe

Strawberry Fields Forever

I really should update, but I'll wait until a time I'm not so stressed. I have a research paper due tomorrow, but first I really just need to do a mindless meme to de-stress. I actually did this one before on Facebook, but I had to restart the computer before posting it and therefore lost it. So I'll just do it again.

Put your music player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite (from Across the Universe)

Scarborough Fayre (Medieval Baebes)

Nature Boy (David Bowie)

The Fields of Pelennor (RotK soundtrack)- Well that's one way to describe it...

And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (Jennifer Hudson)

Cocaine Blues (Johnny Cash)- haha

Paint the Sky With Stars (Enya)

Knock Three Times (Tony Orlando and Dawn)

LOVE (Nat King Cole)

Now That I've Found You (Alison Krauss)

Life for Rent (Dido)

Jukebox Blues (June Carter)

Paper Bag (Fiona Apple)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)

Desperado (Johnny Cash)

It's My Life (Jon Bon Jovi)- well not anymore...

Hall of the Mountain King (Apocalyptica)

I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Panic! At the Disco)

Hey Jude (from Across the Universe)

Snakes on a Plane (from the movie)- well yeah I suppose

Forth Eorlingas (from TTT soundtrack)- so I'll die in battle?

Unwell (Matchbox 20)

Better Days (GooGoo Dolls)

Epiphany (from Sweeney Todd)- poor Sweeney

Do It Again (Beach Boys)- umm...does that mean I will more than once?

Flavour of the Weak (American Hi-Fi)

9 Crimes (Damien Rice)

People Ain't No Good (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)

Strawberry Fields Forever (from Across the Universe)